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19.03.2018 bis 21.03.2018
Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Controls
Campus-Boulevard 30
52074 Aachen
Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Controls
Dipl. Ing. Matthias Petry

Plenary lectures

Tuesday the conference will be opened by two remarkable plenary lectures.

"Digitization in Pneumatics for Increasing Automation Efficiency" is the theme of the speech of Prof. Peter Post, vice president applied research at Festo AG & Co KG. Recent developments in automation technology including pneumatics have to be evaluated in the context of many discussions around Indus- try 4.0. Therefore, four main fields of activities need to be covered when talking about the Internet of Things: Horizontal integration, vertical integration, lifecycle management/engineering and people. In all these fields modern pneumatic developments are offering solutions, which will be addressed in the presentation.

The plenary lecture of Dr. Steffen Haack, senior vice president industrial hydraulics at Bosch Rexroth AG has the title "Industrial Hydraulics - are we really on track concerning Industry 4.0?" The requirements of IoT are major challenges for manufacturers and users, but they also offer huge potential. What about Hydraulics, are we really on track? The first steps with electro-hydraulic solutions have been taken, but there is still a lot of work and effort needed not least in order to close the gap to electrical solutions.

In the afternoon another plenary lecture will be held. Aaron Sanders, vice president engineering at Bos- ton Dynamics talks about "Building the World's Most Dynamic Humanoid Robot". This talk will cover re- cent developments on the Atlas program along with lessons learned and some of the obstacles that are faced in building ad- vanced robots. Atlas, weighing in at 80 kg and standing 1,5 m tall, is the latest in a line of advanced battery powered humanoid robots being developed at Boston Dynamics to push progress in these key areas.

Job market

We want to create a job market for our prospective graduates. This offers you the chance to make young talents aware of your company. Please send us ( your advertisement of vacancies and these will be displayed in the IFK exhibition.


Standard registration is possible until March 4th. For late registration until 19th of March, 5% surcharge will apply. The number of participants for the conference banquet on Tuesday and the anniversary party on Wednesday is limited.